Friday, April 10, 2015

DashCam Footage Released Of Walter Scott Fleeing In Fear From Murderous Police Officer Michael Slager (Video)


Authorities have released dashcam video footage from the police squad car of Michael Slager, the officer who summarily executed, fleeing unarmed black man, Walter Scott, during a traffic stop violation for a broken taillight. The video shows Slager pulling over Scott and speaking to him as though he stole the Mercedes he was driving. When Slager went to his squad car to run a check on Scott via polcie computer systems, the motorist fled. He had an outstanding warrant for non-payment of child support and feared arrest.

According to witness reports, Slager pursued Scott on foot and fired his taser. When Scott kept running, Slager unconscionably and indiscriminately fired 8 bullets at his back. 5 bullets entered Scott's body, with one fatally piercing his heart. No one deserves to be killed over a broken taillight or failure to pay child support. It is ridiculous and preposterous. However, it happened and it is the court system's duty to bring Slager to justice.