Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Shantel Jackson's New Image Not Her Best Look Since Breaking Up With Floyd Mayweather


Shantel Jackson's new look

Aspiring model and reality star, Shantel Jackson, is beautiful. However, since she was dumped by boxer Floyd Mayweather for aborting his unborn twins without telling him, her looks have suffered somewhat. She's still beautiful, but now more muscular and with a unflattering new hair color. Jackson has dyed her hair a bright red tone that does not suit her. If she wants to become an actress with the little ability she has, Jackson has to make sure her appearance is the best it can be. The new hair color is not her best look.

Shantel Jackson's best look

In the mean time, Jackson's lawyer, Gloria Allred, continues to litigate her case against Mayweather, seeking unspecified damages for alleged assault and unauthorized disclosure of the reality star's medical records. Mayweather is set for a big payday, via his fight against rival, Manny Pacquiao, set to earn them $250,000,000 on a 60/40 split.