Thursday, March 12, 2015

ObamaCare Is Killing People Off

President Barack Obama

For years the Judiciary Report has consistently maintained ObamaCare is not a good healthcare plan. The Judiciary Report has conceded America needs a healthcare plan, but the site has repeatedly stated Obamacare is a very poor fit for the nation's needs. I saw this up close this past Saturday, March 7, 2015. I had to revive someone having a heart attack, who had stopped breathing.

I called 911 to summon emergency services and immediately began CPR and chest compressions. I could hear gurgling noises, indicating the person had begun breathing again. I continued to perform CPR and chest compressions for about 7-8 minutes until the paramedics arrived. The paramedics began using the chest compression machine (but provided no oxygen as they wheeled the patient to the ambulance).

They asked if I wanted to accompany them to the hospital and I said yes and rode with them in the ambulance. I watched for 15 minutes as a medical team at Jackson North, consisting of about 10 people tried to revive the patient. They took turns doing chest compressions, administered oxygen and IVs, as well as using a defibrillator in attempts at electrically restarting the heart. It provoked a response the first few times, as the heart rate on the monitor went from 0 to 94 and the blood pressure increased to about 187/134. However, the last two times it did not work and after about 15 minutes, the doctor called the time of death.

The responding police officer spoke to me in the parking lot for a detailed account of what I saw. The next day a Miami Police investigator came to my place and asked me to tell him how events unfolded. Then, the police investigator told me Aventura Hospital did wrong in discharging the patient 1-week after open heart surgery. The medical examiner discovered excessive amounts of fluid built up in the patient, leading to death (ascites).

The police investigator stated had they kept the patient longer than a week, they would have seen  it and been forced to immediately drain it . However, over the course of a week so much fluid had accumulated it killed the patient that was thrown out of Aventura Hospital after the insurance company, Molina, reversed their decision and refused to pay for a rehab facility/nursing home, due to the rules under ObamaCare.

The police investigator blamed Aventura Hospital and the insurance company, Molina, stating it never should have happened. Another medical professional referred to Aventura Hospital and Molina's conduct as "criminal." The surgery in question has a 98% recovery rate. Yet horrific patient care after surgery, due to rules and money issues under ObamaCare, led to death.

Insurance companies, hospitals and doctors fearing they will not get paid under ObamaCare are throwing people out to die in America. ObamaCare was rammed through Congress under a deceitful, dishonest premise. No member of Congress read the entire ObamaCare legislation. Some members of Congress didn't read it at all. Something so important and people voted in favor of it, not even reading it, buying Obama's rubbish.

Either the 10,000 pages of legislation that is ObamaCare is either too technical for politicians in Congress, requiring a background in medicine or science or it was simply too long and they couldn't be bothered to read the madness they unleashed on the medical system that has wreaked havoc. A healthcare plan is supposed to save lives, not kill people off.

Narcissistic Obama likes to play doctor and pushed through the ObamaCare legislation for bragging rights, fame and glory, to state he was the first U.S. president to create a healthcare program in America. The question is what have you created. In my opinion it is bar none the worst piece of medical legislation in the world. However, the President and Congress do not care, as they pay for better health insurance than what they have foisted on the rest of the country.

Thanks to ObamaCare I had to revive a dying person via CPR and chest compressions, then watched the person die in the emergency room as doctors were unable to restore normal heart functions, due to the criminal negligence that occurred because of the President's terrible healthcare plan.

I ask Obama, have you ever had to revive a dying person, then had to sit and watch as a full medical team worked feverishly in trying to restart the person's heart over and over again, only for them to die in front of your eyes, all because of your awful ObamaCare health plan and its rules that insurance companies and hospitals are balking at and finding every way to flout.

Aventura Hospital in Miami

If hospitals and insurance companies rendered the type of care to Obama's family and friends that his terrible ObamaCare is rendering to people all over the nation, who have died, where would they be. But hey, as long as Obama gets bragging rights to state he was the first president to create a healthcare plan...albeit one that's killing off many people. Take a bow (sarcasm).

I've also been reading terrible stories of what is happening to cancer patients under ObamaCare and it is appalling. Then again, Obama could care less about cancer patients, evidenced by the fact his administration has worked against the release of drugs to benefit disease sufferers, in favor of helping his cronies get rich and richer. World history is going to expose it and record it in a terrible way.

Side Bar: Last year I wrote about how a neurologist would not treat me regarding internal damage to my back, as there was some issue with ObamaCare (you can't tell just by looking at me, but I have back problems). The neurologist's nurse complained to me about the voluminous amount of paperwork under ObamaCare and how they won't get paid if certain paperwork is not done.

So there I am, after traveling a far way to the neurologist's medical office, with back damage my general practitioner states needs surgery and having to reschedule, because due to ObamaCare I'm getting nothing but the runaround. Just this month, an orthopedic surgeon I made an appointment with regarding my back, who checked the system regarding ObamaCare, later reversed their decision and cancelled the appointment they agreed to, the day before I was to arrive, due to some garbage with ObamaCare.