Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Negative Effects Of Drinking, Smoking And Drugs On Athletes

To Be Great You Have To Make Sacrifices

Discipline is very important in sports. The men and women who rise to the top learn early that discipline and dedication are required if one wants to reach the pinnacle of one's sport. Athletes that drink, smoke and party often always experience avoidable problems that spill over into their careers and personal lives.

Smoking cigarettes or cigars creates respiratory problems for athletes. The respiratory functions go awry. It results in decreased performance levels and negatively impacts fitness. Athletes who are smokers end up out of breath and winded faster than their non-smoking counterparts. More importantly, smoking promotes cancer.

Athletes who use illegal drugs destroy their bodies with this negative habit. Cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin ravages the body. Ecstasy pills wear away at the heart, an organ that needs to be in top condition to play at peak levels in sports.

Smoking marijuana kills off cells and slows down your reaction time. Your body and mind must be fast to perform at your best in sports. Marijuana slows down both the body and mind and contributes to confusion. 

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol destroys the liver. Some coaches ban their athletes from drinking altogether, realizing the effect it has on them.

Prescription pill abuse damages the liver and kidney. People sometimes underestimate how powerful and addictive prescription pills can become, reasoning that due to the fact they are prescribed by doctors, it can't be misused or abused. However, it can be and sometimes even worse than illegal narcotics. Prescription drug abuse lulls people into a false sense of security. Moderation is key. 

People sometimes feel invincible and that their bodies can handle anything, but at the end of the day, we are all human and can break. Don't break your body with bad habits that will wreak havoc on your health, life and career. See professional sports for what it is - a chance to do what you love and earn a living in the process. However, bear in mind it is a limited window of time with many professional careers on average only lasting 5-years.

Don't blow the opportunities you have been given. My family and I have seen many athletes do this and regret it. Listen to the experienced professionals in your life, who are trying to warn you to avoid specific vices and mistakes. They've been around longer than you have and seen many people come and go. Learn from their experiences, rather than your mistakes that could cost you plenty.

Stay healthy. Maximize your efforts to succeed. Don't take your opportunities for granted via taking drugs, smoking and excessively drinking and partying, only to lose your career and years from now look back and regret your choices. You'll barely remember being high, drunk and the groupies. However, you will remember your family, the one you love and winning. Don't lose that chance at greatness and financial success because someone sold you a lie that being a young athlete means being high and promiscuous. Choices have consequences. Therefore, make smart choices.