Thursday, February 26, 2015

Rihanna Does Not Show Up For Performance At The Brit Awards In London



The Brit Awards took place in London today and Rihanna was scheduled to perform, but did not show up. The producers of the show were expecting Rihanna to take the stage and were unaware she was a no-show, until she failed to show up for rehearsals. The producers had to scramble at the last minute to replace Rihanna with Kanye West. Rihanna is constantly unprofessional. During a number of concert tour stops over the past couple years, Rihanna was so drunk and high on illegal drugs, she failed to take the stage, leaving ticket holders angry.

“Four Five Seconds” is the lead single from Rihanna’s forthcoming album, but it has flopped, with audiences openly slamming the song, stating it is “wack” “bad” and “sucks” among other things. For many months, the Judiciary Report has stated, Rihanna’s label and management has struggled to find new material for her forthcoming album, which has created delays, as all they have been able to come up with are subpar songs. “Four Five Seconds” is more proof of the Judiciary Report’s claims, as the public hates Rihanna's new material and it is damaging her career.