Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Overdose Destroying Her Career Plans Is A Reminder To Live Your Life Today

Make Smart Choices And Stop Putting Off Your Dreams

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late singer, Whitney Houston, made many plans in trying to align her life with the career of her mother, who had set many historic records in the entertainment history. Houston was the most naturally gifted female singer of the 1980s and 1990s. Houston’s career took off at age 22. Her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, aged 21, was making similar plans to launch her singing career at age 22 as well. Bobbi Kristina posted tweets on the social networking website Twitter indicating she is going into the studio to record her first album. However, those plans are gone now, as Bobbi Kristina is laying in a medically induced coma on life support in Atlanta, after drowning in a bathtub, due to a drug overdose.

As stated in the column previously, there was far too much pressure on Bobbi Kristina to look and sound like her legendary mother, Whitney, when there was nothing wrong with her voice or appearance. Her look was not mainstream, but she could have made it work.

Two years ago, the Judiciary Report had suggested self-conscious Bobbi Kristina could undergo plastic surgery. It was not an insult. It was a simple suggestion to a young girl who was being openly insulted by members of the public for not looking like her superstar mother and one could sense it was taking its toll on her. I also wrote it with the understanding of how Hollywood can be and the difference a bit of cosmetic work would make to the career Bobbi Kristina so desperately wanted.  

Bobbi Kristina Brown began starving herself to look like her mother

People wanted Bobbi Kristina to look like Whitney, a former model, who in her youth was very thin. Bobbi Kristina began starving herself to the point she became thinner than Whitney ever was, leaving her with an emaciated, malnourished appearance.

People also openly criticized Bobbi Kristina’s voice, after she uploaded a video of herself singing, but there was nothing wrong with her sound. She sings like her dad, who was a capable singer in his hay day. However, when you have people measuring a young girl’s voice against that of Whitney Houston, the comparisons are likely going to be unfavorable. Nonetheless, Bobbi Kristina‘s voice was much better than many modern singers such as Britney Spears and Rihanna.

I know talent when I see it in music and sports. Bobbi Kristina could have achieved a commercially successful singing career, as her voice was pretty. She may not have been a better singer than her mom, but she was a better dancer, in something that helped her dad (coupled with his voice) sell 15 million records worldwide and amass a $20,000,000 fortune.


Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon

However, drugs destroyed Bobby Brown's career and led to unwise financial decisions that left him flat broke. Drugs destroyed Houston and led to an early death, when she passed away in 2012 at age 48. Now drugs have destroyed Bobbi Kristina’s health. It’s a vicious cycle and one that needs to be broken.

Drugs destroy dreams. People need to understand that. Truly understand what it means and leave drugs alone. If you are a drug user, go to rehab and fight for your sobriety. It is worth it. Many addicts have forsaken drugs and lead sober, healthy lives. It can be done. People do this every day.

In closing, live your life. Don’t put off your hopes and dreams saying one day you will achieve them. Seize the day and do what you can now, as you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. Make positive, productive choices that will make your life better. Don’t take your age for granted thinking you’re too young or too old. Do what you can today.