Friday, January 9, 2015

Two Terror Suspects In Charlie Hebdo Magazine Murders On The Loose While One Surrenders

The manhunt continues for two terrorist shooters, Cherif Kouachi, 32 and Said Kouachi, 34, connected to the deadly massacre at the Charlie Hedbo magazine in Paris, France. 11 cartoonist and journalists as well as one police officer were shot to death, over cartoons of the Islamic figure, Muhammad. The Muslim religion forbids Muhammad be drawn. The execution style murders shocked and appalled France and the world, as gunmen believed to be affiliated with Al Qaeda stormed the Charlie Hedbo headquarters and began calling out the names of select employees, then executing them. 

It was a cold, cruel act to murder people over their art. The Judiciary Report advises writers and cartoonists to be selective regarding what they publish, when it comes to religious matters, as it may incite fanatics who will turn to murder. At the end of the day, human life is very precious and must be treated as such. Therefore, we should endeavor to preserve it as best as possible, even if it means agreeing to disagree, even when we know we are right. It is not letting evil win. You can do more good if you are alive and opposing injustice in other ways.