Friday, January 2, 2015

ESPN's Skip Bayless Labels Johnny Manziel An Alcoholic After He Gets Drunk And Misses Team Session

Johnny Manziel getting drunk in Miami yesterday

In the July 12, 2014 article "Partying Your Career Away" the Judiciary Report wrote about U.S. football player, Johnny Manziel, before he turned pro, as the prospect had been indulging in destructive habits prior to his debut with the NFL team the Cleveland Browns. Six moths later, Manziel, who's nickname is "Johnny Football" missed an important team session, due to being absolutely drunk and hung-over. 

The next day, ESPN commentator Skip Bayless, labeled Manziel an "alcoholic" and he's right. All the signs are there Manziel needs help regarding alcohol addiction. The next day, Maziel did not listen and headed to Miami. Despite asking the public not to photograph him drinking and partying, people did and shots of Manziel taking shots of alcohol ended up online.

Manziel six months ago 

My dad, a former pro-athlete who coached for many years, emphasizes that athletes cannot drink and party during the season and be at their best in their sport. There is a scientific basis to this. Excessive alcohol consumption slows down your reaction time, pickles your organs, saps your energy and interferes with your focus. However, when athletes are young they believe they are invincible and can do anything. Then reality sets in. You can't do any negative thing and there not be consequences. The body does not work like that.

Make the most of the opportunities you are given in your career. Drinking, smoking, narcotics and partying will hamper your career. You have to discipline yourself if you want to be successful. Alcohol, drugs, smoking and partying is not worth your career. Not to mention, your health.