Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hackers Pulverize Sony Costing Over $1 Billion Dollars In Damages Due To The Ill Fated Film 'The Interview' About North Korea's Kim Jong-un

James Franco and Seth Rogen star in "The Interview"

According to reports, Sony, is going to lose $1 billion dollars in the fallout of the series of hacks it has experienced, purportedly due to the film "The Interview." Though no nation has directly accepted responsibility for the hacks, North Korea is being blamed, as "The Interview" is a movie about the murder of their head of state, Kim Jong-un.

The hack unleashed 5 expensive unreleased Sony movies, the social security numbers of 47,000 of its employees, as well as medical records, financial data and over 20,000 emails between executives at the company. After the limited theatrical and online release of "The Interview" that defied threats of retaliation against America, Sony's PlayStation accounts were extensively hacked, customers' were unable to use the service and their financial data was illegally obtained. The financial damages continue to mount.

"The Interview" is a movie about the CIA engaging two men to murder North Korean head of state, Kim Jong-un, endangering innocent Americans, who have nothing to do with this film. This was a Sony project, unwisely backed by President Obama, who should  have stayed out of it. Obama backing the trashy film, gave it the official approval of the U.S. government and made matters much worse in the area of diplomacy.