Monday, December 8, 2014

Diddy Hits Drake In Miami Sending Him To The Hospital Over Girlfriend Cassie


Drake to Diddy: How's your girl Cassie!

New York rapper Diddy once said, "I'll smack flames out your as*." Well, this time he did it. Diddy and fellow rapper, Drake, were at club LIV in Miami on Sunday, when a dispute broke out. Diddy was seen slapping Drake outside the club. Some state it is over Drake flirting with Diddy's woman, Cassie (as first reported on the Media Take Out website). Others state it is something else.

Drake regarding Diddy: he "smacked flames out of my as*"

Social networking made fun of Drake all day when the news broke early this morning. The memes on the fight have people in stitches. Speaking of stitches, Drake went to the hospital after his run-in with Diddy. Some reports indicate Drake sustained a dislocated shoulder, which is something, considering Diddy targeted his pretty face.  

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown

Chris Brown, who on Saturday accused  Drake of going on secret dates with his long-term girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, while the singer was in jail for 4-months, responded to news of Diddy hitting him, by posting two snake emoticons on Instagram. There is a problem there between Drake and Chris Brown, who is still upset.

Chris Brown responds to a post on Instagram about rapper Diddy hitting Drake 

Something weird is going on with Drake. Two women came forward stating he and his entourage threatened them. He remained silent on the accusations. Drake almost got into a fight on his birthday at a strip club and refused to address allegations regarding it. When Brown accused him of going on secret dates with Karrueche, again Drake remained silent. Now word has spread of Diddy hitting him and once again, no comment from Drake.