Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cop Tases Woman For Filming Him Engaging In Police Brutality Calls Her A 'Dumb B***h' And Lies Stating She Tried To Run Him Over (Video)


Law enforcement plays an integral role in any society. While there are good cops out there, who do indeed protect and serve, there are a few who are engaging in brutality and it needs to stop. As such the Judiciary Report is highlighting another case of police brutality. 36-year-old Baltimore woman, Kianga Mwamba, was tased by a police officer for filming the arrest of a man, who was being brutalized. 

Mwamba was driving by and witnessed as a police officer kicked a man during the arrest. The officer ordered her to drive away and she responded, "You telling me I can't record." The officer then approached her demanding she get "out of the car." He yanked her out and tased her so severely she thought she was being burned. The story gets even worse as he falsely stated, "You a dumb b***h, you know that? You just tried to run over an officer." The officer erased the video of what transpired from Mwamba's phone, but the back up copy was on her cloud account online and easily retrieved.

Kianga Mwamba

This is unquestionable police brutality and corruption. It's disheartening reading such stories.  Mwamba has filed a $7,000,000 lawsuit against the Baltimore City Police Department for the offense. Ars Technica reported, "The suit, filed last week, said the police 'attacked' the woman, 'dragged' her from her vehicle, and 'threw her onto the street, handcuffed her, tasered her, called her a 'dumb b***h,' and kept her restrained. The suit says the officers arrested Mwamba and "threw her face-down on the street" to "prevent the disclosure of the video taken of them beating a handcuffed man." 

The video evidence certainly bolsters her case. It was convincing enough to have the fraudulent charges of trying to run over the officer and his partner dropped. Under the law, people are allowed to film items outdoors with their mobile phones.


Cops use taser on woman while she recorded arrest of another man 

Dec 11 2014, 1:45pm EST - A 36-year-old Baltimore woman claims she was tased by police and arrested while filming the arrest of a man with her mobile phone, according to a lawsuit to be served on the Baltimore City Police Department as early as Thursday.  Video of the March 30 melee surfaced online this week. 

Police erased the 135-second recording from the woman's phone, but it was recovered from her cloud account, according to the Circuit Court for Baltimore City lawsuit (PDF), which seeks $7 million.
Kianga Mwamba was driving home from a family gathering in March. Stopped in traffic, she began filming the nearby arrest of a man who she says was kicked by police. "You telling me I can't record," the woman says on the video as police tell her to move on. "I'll park. I'll park. I'll park," the woman is heard saying in her own recording. All of a sudden an officer says, "Out of the car. Out of the car." She was yanked out. "He burning me. He burning me," the woman is heard screaming...

Mwamba was arrested on charges of assault for allegedly trying to run over two officers. Charges were dropped, and she suffered cuts and bruises. At the end of the tape, an officer says, "You a dumb b***h, you know that?" "What did I do?" she asks. "You just tried to run over an officer," the officer responds...