Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Computer Experts State Sony Hack Was An Inside Job


The Norse computer security company have gone on record stating the massive hacks Sony has experienced was not from the North Korean government. Norse, who were not hired by Sony or the FBI, states a disgruntled Sony employee named "Lana" roped in four other employees to pull off the hack. One of the disgruntled Sony employees is said to be an IT expert.

James Franco and Seth Rogen's "The Interview" was labeled the reason for the hacks blamed on North Korea, as it is a movie about killing their head of state

he Judiciary Report knows from experience that Sony has hackers on staff. They specialize in invasion of privacy. There were a number of layoffs and money issues at Sony this year and it is now believed the hacks were conducted out of revenge by company employees. The hacks were deeply personal and waged by individuals with an inside track and personal working knowledge of the company. The public should remember, Sony is the company behind the deceitful, terrible DRM scandal that occurred a few years ago, where they infected the public's computers with spyware that was transmitting people's personal and identifying data back to their corporate headquarters.

The Interview

It is regrettable that the North Korean government was blamed for this hacking scandal, placing American lives and national security in jeopardy. It has also greatly damaged diplomatic talks between the U.S. and North Korean governments. How an entertainment company managed to cause so much damage is stunning.


Sony Hack: New Evidence Points to Inside Job Say Security Experts

December 30, 2014 7:58 AM EST - Cyber security firm Norse has found evidence that six individuals were behind the hack, including at least one former Sony Pictures employee. Despite the FBI declaring that North Korea was behind the devastating cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, security experts continue to believe that the hack was an inside job, reports The Security Ledger.

Security firm Norse claims it has evidence that shows the Sony hack was perpetrated by six individuals, including two based in the U.S., one in Canada, one in Singapore and one in Thailand. Norse's senior vp, Kurt Stammberger, told the Ledger, a security industry news website, that among the six was one former Sony Pictures employee, a ten-year veteran of the company with a very technical background who was laid off in May following restructuring.

Norse used human resources documents that were leaked as part of the hack on Sony to first identify and then track the former Sony employee's online activity at least since May, when the person left the company. The Ledger writes: "Researchers from the company followed that individual online, noting angry posts she made on social media about the layoffs and Sony. Through access to IRC (Internet Relay Chat) forums and other sites, they were also able to capture communications with other individuals affiliated with underground hacking and hacktivist groups in Europe and Asia."...

Execs Convinced It's an Inside Job

12/17/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF - Sony execs are now convinced someone who worked for the studio is behind the massive hacking ... because no one from the outside could so precisely target the compromising information. Multiple sources connected to the studio tell TMZ ... the strong, prevailing view is that the North Koreans are probably involved, but they used someone with intimate knowledge of the Sony email system to laser in on the most embarrassing information.

We're told the people at Sony who are investigating believe the hackers had intimate knowledge of mail systems and their configurations. They also believe the hackers have knowledge of the internal media distribution systems and the internal IT systems, including human resources and payroll. Several people suggested a possible link between the hackers and Sony layoffs, which included a large number of IT employees.