Tuesday, November 25, 2014

'Love And Hip Hollywood' Star Hazel Finally Realizes Yung Berg Is Just Not That Into Her In A Warning For Women


There's a Jennifer Aniston movie called "He's Just Not That Into You" about a woman, who doesn't realize the man she has feelings for really isn't into her, in wanting to reciprocating said level of affection. "Love And Hip Hop Hollywood" aspiring rapper, Hazel, finally came to the revelation that former rapper turned producer, Yung Berg, was just using her for sex and not in love with her.

Yung Berg showing off with one of his women in Hazel's face

Hazel became possessive of Berg, who is not a nice guy and treated her badly. People should be flattered when others respectfully like them. Not insult and disrespect them to feed one's ego. You don't have to date them, but be appreciative that someone thinks you're great, as it's a compliment.

Berg insulting Hazel

No woman deserves to be taken for granted in the manner Berg did to Hazel. He stabbed her in the back with Masika, a woman demanding luxury items from him and using his credit card to the point it was maxed out, leading to the terrible domestic violence fight between them. At least Hazel didn't want anything from you.

Berg insulting Hazel again

In life, know who truly supports and appreciates you. Don't throw them over for opportunists and gold diggers. Even if you are to just be friends and nothing more, recognize who is real and who is after what you have in life. Don't lose a true love or real friend over being fake with people who don't really care about you.