Friday, October 3, 2014

Rihanna's Funds Running Down From Lawsuits, Debts And Excessive Spending

 Rihanna smoking marijuana laced with cocaine while operating a bike, which is illegal
Word reaches the Judiciary Report that Rihanna's money is running down again. A couple years ago, singer Rihanna was on the verge of bankruptcy. Rihanna had bragged to the public that she is rich, but her bank accounts told a different story. This led to Rihanna suing her former accounts Berdon LLP in New York. Her publicist floated a story that the lawsuit had been settled for over $10,000,000, which was an outright lie that was later exposed by the Judiciary Report (Rihanna’s Lawsuit Against Her Accountant NotSettled As Previously Reported In The Mainstream Press).
Rihanna drinking alcohol while operating a bike, which is also illegal
Berdon blamed Rihanna's financial woes on excessive spending and lack of commitment to her tour obligations. Due to cocaine and marijuana use as well as alcohol abuse, Rihanna missed tour dates she was too out of it to perform. The industry favorite "exhaustion" was blamed. Demand was also low for tickets from the outset in select cities. Rihanna's recording and management contracts are also apart of the issue.
Rihanna sporting an impish look and expression
Rihanna is up to her neck in legal proceedings, mostly for stealing other people's copyrights from around the world, which has been the basis for her entire career. Copyright infringement is a domestic andinternational crime. Legal fees are sapping the illegal proceeds Rihanna has received from the infringements.
Rihanna in concert
Rihanna has a new music project coming out, but the label is currently not happy with the material, resulting in delays and at a time when she needs the money. Rihanna is currently supporting her family, who are living in luxury in Barbados off the proceeds of criminal activity (criminal copyright infringement). Rihanna also has expenses from living lavishly in America and paying bills in regards to her entourage.