Thursday, October 2, 2014

Head Of The Secret Service Resigns After It Is Revealed They Allowed A Felon With A Gun To Ride In An Elevator With President Barack Obama

Barack Obama

For years the Judiciary Report has written online that President Barack Obama is not safe, due to security issues regarding the Secret Service. The site has maintained for years that the president is too open and accessible due to his risky security configurations. Some may have misinterpreted said articles, but the Judiciary Report has been proven right this month in claims made in Congress that the President is not safe.  

4-years-ago in the November 15, 2010 Judiciary Report article "Why Did The Secret Service Abandon Kennedy Moments Before He Was Shot And Killed" the site stated, "President Obama should be careful, as his radical agenda may cause some in the U.S. government to turn on him...the Secret Service leaves Obama open too often. They are paid to be body shields, as well as trained shooters, in defense of the President." 

In the January 21, 2010 Judiciary Report article "Obama And The Secret Service" the site stated, "Why is it when they go out in public, the Secret Service stands so far away from President Obama. Shouldn't they be closer to him, even walking in front of him. One sees them in photos online and often Obama is wide open. That's not safe. You should adjust that."

Barack Obama

In Congress this week it was revealed the Secret Service allowed a felon carrying a gun to ride an elevator with President Obama in Atlanta. People all over America were shocked at the revelation, voicing their opinions online, as that is definitely a serious security breach. No one who is not an authorized federal agent or member of the U.S. military with proper clearance should be anywhere near a president with a gun. 

This latest revelation made public this week proves the Judiciary Report's years old claims correct that Obama is constantly left wide open and it is not safe. If that man was the type, he could have shot and killed the president in seconds in the elevator, with one bullet to the brain, giving the Secret Service no time to react. That's all it took to kill John F. Kennedy, seconds and a bullet to the brain, when the Secret Service left him wide open.

Last month a mentally deranged man, Omar J. Lopez, carrying a knife hopped the White House fence, entered the building and made it all the way to the briefing room. In the weeks following the aforementioned scandals, other revelations have surfaced regarding serious security breaches.

It was also revealed this week, the White House was shot at on different occasions, where bullets penetrated the historic national residence. During one incident involving gunfire aimed at the White House, the president's youngest daughter, Sasha Obama and his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, were present. 

Julia Pierson

After being grilled and ripped by Congress, Julia Pierson, the Director of the Secret Service and the first woman to hold the post, resigned in the wake of the aforementioned security breaches. She may as well leave before something worse happens.

I am of the belief, the no fly zone around the White House is too small and the perimeter needs to be widened. There were incidents where unidentified planes got too close to the White House and caused panic. I am also of the belief a sign should be placed outside the White House warning people if they hop the fence they will be shot and actually make good on the threat if anyone does so. People will think twice before they hop that gate again if that becomes the new rule (LOL). 

I don't believe in playing with people when it comes to serious matters, so for the life of me I could not understand for the past 4-years, blaring security errors/weaknesses surrounding the protection of the President.