Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Drake Tries To Beat Up Tyga's Entourage For Attacking His DJ (Video)

Drake has been getting into confrontations with people of late. First two women he dated stated Drake and or his representatives sent them threats [Drake Accused Of Threatening The Life Of Second Woman Triggering Another Police Investigation (Picture) and Rihanna Mocks Drake Over Stripper Scandal].

Drake and Tyga

Drake has also been warring with his fellow Young Money label mate, Tyga, who insulted him recently. Drake took notice and out of revenge favorited pictures of Black Chyna, the mother of Tyga's son, on the social networking site Instagram. Under the circumstances, that was a threat to Tyga that he's going to sexually pursue her. Tyga responded by having someone in his entourage punch Drake's DJ, who goes by the name of Prince The Future. This infuriated Drake who threw money at a bouncer at a strip club in Washington, DC, forcing his way into a club to confront Tyga and company.