Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ray J Speaks About The Domestic Violence He Encountered Living With Girlfriend Teairra Mari Of ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’

Ray J

Rapper and reality star Ray J has gone on record speaking about his volatile relationship with violent, one time singer turned reality star, Teairra Mari. Ray J stated Teairra would hit him during their relationship and he got tired of the violence, for fear one day he would be placed in an unenviable situation, where he would have to defend himself. 

Teairra Mari fighting

Ray J stated, “I don’t put my hands on women. So if you keep getting punched a lot of time or you keep getting hit…you gotta watch the show. She’s throwing a lot of blows throughout the whole show. I don’t want to be put in a position where I gotta get away or defend myself, you know what I’m saying? I don’t want an accidental elbow to hit when trying to run away and then I be in trouble.” 

Tearri Mari threatening to fight Ray J's girlfriend Princess

Though some do not like to hear it, women should not be hitting men. Domestic violence can occur at the hands of a man or a woman. As a woman, if you fly into a rage and start punching and kicking your significant order, you have commitment assault and are engaging in domestic violence. It is wrong when a man is the aggressor in domestic violence situations. It is also wrong when women are the aggressor in domestic violence situations.


Teairra Mari aggressively telling Ray J off and making threats 

Being the weaker sex is no excuse. Women also need to be smart. What happens when you hit him and he flies into a rage and beats you up. Yes, it would be wrong of him as well, but don't put yourself in that dangerous situation to begin with.