Thursday, September 11, 2014

NFL On The Hot Seat As Law Enforcement State They Sent Them The Full Ray Rice Domestic Violence Video 3-Months Ago Despite Their Denials (Video)

People on social networking are calling for the resignation of NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, over the handling of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal. Despite Goodell's denials this month, it has been revealed, law enforcement sent the NFL the full video of former Baltimore Raven, Ray Rice, 27, punching out his girlfriend, now wife, Janay Palmer, in an Atlantic City hotel elevator on February 15, 2014. Rice, born Raymell Mourice Rice, married Palmer on March 28, 2014.

The original excerpt of the elevator video released to the public by bribe issuing website TMZ, for increased site views and ad sales, showed Rice dragging his then unconscious girlfriend out of the elevator and deliberately dropping her on the floor in a dismissive manner. The video excerpt was enough to merit a two game suspension from the NFL and criminal charges that resulted in a "supervised counseling" order from the court. 

However, the full tape released by TMZ on September 8, 2014, reveals what transpired before Rice dragged Janay out of the elevator. Janay slapped him inn the face, then Ray didn't hesitating in spitting on, pushing, then punching her in the face. The forceful blow led to his girlfriend hitting her head on a handrail in the elevator and falling to the floor unconscious.

Neither one of them should have been slapping or punching each other, but his reaction was extreme, dangerous and very violent. Then, with contempt, he dragged her out of the elevator and threw her to the floor like a bag of garbage. It was terrible watching the video.

Janay and Ray Rice

The NFL was put on the hot seat yesterday when an unnamed law enforcement official went to the high profile Associated Press and contradicted Goodell's recent denials in a CBS interview, stating the NFL had not seen the full video, prior to it being released to the public this month. 

The aforementioned law enforcement official played a 12-second voice mail for the Associated Press, informing the news gathering organization said official had submitted the full video to the NFL 3-months ago, giving them time to view it in its entirety, before deciding on Rice's punishment. The voice mail reveals a female NFL employee stating they have received the full video and upon viewing it, "You're right. It's terrible." 

The NFL continues to deny they saw the full video before it was made public this month. A statement was issued yesterday by NFL representative, Brian McCarthy, who stated, "We have no knowledge of this. We are not aware of anyone in our office who possessed or saw the video before it was made public on Monday. We will look into it."   

Roger Goodell

TMZ previously engaged in bribery to unlawfully obtain police photos of singer Rihanna, after a domestic violence dispute. TMZ also issued a bribe to obtain footage of singer Solange Knowles, beating up her brother-in-law, rapper Jay Z, for cheating on her sister, Beyonce, with Rihanna and other women.