Monday, September 15, 2014

Madonna And The Kabbalah Center Criminally Interfering In People's Business

This is a follow up regarding the phone hacking scandal that I broke first and related to the Anthony Pellicano wiretap case, regarding Madonna, Rupert Murdoch, who are members of the Kabbalah Center and their aforementioned private investigator, who is now in prison. 

I was informed by someone responsible for many of my site exclusives, that Madonna and the Kabbalah Center have ramped up her insane efforts regarding meddling with my business. I was tipped off Madonna has engaged her Kabbalah Center lackeys to contact individuals and companies, demanding they prolong business related matters concerning me (that have nothing to do with her). 

Madonna and Kabbalah are engaging in this misconduct in sick bids at delaying my business plans, as I have other important things I need to do in Britain and Jamaica that have been delayed because of the aforementioned misconduct. It has proven difficult for Madonna and the Kabbalah Center to stalk, harass and approach me in Britain and Jamaica, in the manner they have repeatedly done, week in and week out, here in Miami, Florida. 

Madonna and the Kabbalah Center, became very agitated and annoyed when I spent six months in London, England and a few weeks in Jamaica in 2012, as they could not easily conduct the outright aggravated stalking and criminal harassment, replete with death threats and other treats of grievous bodily injury, as they did in Miami, Florida. 

The phone hacking case was raging in London, England, with famous and non-famous people being arrested (another component of the case, computer hacking, is currently under investigation). In Jamaica, it also proved very difficult for Madonna and the Kabbalah Center, that experts have described as sick cult, to stalk, terrorize and threaten me, in the manner they did in Miami, Florida. 

Madonna and Kabbalah became so desperate when I was in London, England from April 2012 to September 2012 that they criminally engaged a company connected to them via published business ties I have uncovered, who sent a man to terrorize and threaten my family for weeks at my Miami residence, in my absence, a few weeks after I had flown to London. 

The incidents that broke the law were witnessed by several people and is well documented. When I was in London in 2012 I received a telephone call from my distraught mother about it. Madonna and the Kabbalah Center began criminally harassing and targeting my family in Miami, in my absence as a threat that I was to leave London at once. Madonna and the Kabbalah Center were trying to drag me back to Miami like a runaway slave, because they were having trouble getting at me in London, England. 

Madonna and the Kabbalah Center continue to criminally have my phones wiretapped and phone hacked, as well as hacking my computers and email accounts (for which I have documented, irrefutable digital proof). Where they did so before using private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, who I gave evidence to the FBI against and he was arrested four months after, now they are using other private investigators like Gavin DeBecker, among others. 

Madonna got Gavin DeBecker sued for criminally harassing and terrorizing an American man, she and the Kabbalah Center began insanely targeting. If fact, lawsuits have been filed all over America regarding Madonna and the Kabbalah Center targeting, harassing and ripping off innocent people. They're sick. They have a problem. 

Now Madonna and company have resorted to criminally interfering in legal matters and separately business dealings regarding me, that have nothing to do with her, in repeatedly creating delays, cancellations and rescheduling of serious matters in Miami, trying to delay and thwart me going to London and Jamaica again.

Each time I make plans over my (illegally wiretapped) phones or via email (which I have documentation proving my email accounts have been severely hacked) regarding me going to Jamaica and London, England, like clockwork something occurs shortly after regarding one of the companies Madonna and Kabbalah have been illegally contacting about me and my business plans. They end up having to be rescheduled as a result, because they've moved the dates of prearrange appointments or meetings ect, trying to prolong things at her sick urging, in bids at keeping me in Miami, when I have very important things to do in Jamaica and London, England.

I've made plans with people in Jamaica and London, England and keep having to cancel and reschedule them over what is happening. I have missed people's birthdays, anniversaries and business events abroad, because of this madness Madonna and the Kabbalah Center keep doing regarding my business in America. Who gets that involved in other people's business that have nothing to do with them.

The illegal inducements Madonna and Kabbalah is offering them will not be enough to pay for criminal attorneys and to keep them out of prison. Just ask Anthony Pellicano and his fellow federal prison inmates he roped into that madness on behalf of Madonna and his other Hollywood clients such as Rupert Murdoch - who's criminal behavior also landed his business associates in prison in England. More on this in another column and in full detail.

Side Bar: The Kabbalah Conduct's sick conduct is flaring up again, as members of the cult have been illegally showing up in the guard gated community in Miami I live during hours the private community is undergoing renovations and knocking on my door for many minutes and refusing to leave until security is called. Kabbalah Center cult members have tampered with my front door look so much that it had to be fixed twice, the replaced over the past several months. They're insane.

They've also been tampering with and defacing my mail and stealing select packages with mailing labels that indicate it has to do with my work. Then, they follow and approach me all over Miami with harassing and menacing threats. They keep getting into my private life without my consent and in a deranged manner, telling me who I should not talk to or date and where I'm not allowed to go. They keep repeating the sickest, most insane garbage she sends them up to me to state, despite the fact I have no interest in any of it and keep walking off.

The wiretapping, phone hacking and email hacking has gotten much worse again. They're also contacting and harassing my family and friends regarding me. Psychologists all refer to individuals who engage in the aforementioned criminal misconduct as dangerous stalkers.