Wednesday, August 20, 2014

'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Season Finale Reveals Joseline Hernandez Will Sleep With Anyone


Joseline Hernandez

"Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" reality star Joseline Hernandez is proving she is the Rihanna of the rap world, willing to sleep with anyone. This week's season finale saw aspiring rapper Joseline, exposed as having slept with her driver over the course of three months and other men, even a bisexual man, while engaged to music producer Stevie J.

This did not set a good example. It gives impressionable girls and women the idea they must have sex with men to advance their careers, rather than using their talents and hard work to become entertainers. Stevie J is to blame for this in part, as he took Joseline from the strip club, where her second job was prostitution and tried to make her a housewife. She sees sex as nothing, rather than something very important not meant to be used and abused for money and career advancement.

Mimi and Nikko

Mimi, Stevie's ex-girlfriend and the mother of one of his children, told off her boyfriend, Nikko for allegedly exploiting her via filming their sexual encounter and deliberately leaking it to an adult video company, then selling it for $400,000 (that money won't last with the way they live). Once again, making a sex tape is a bad idea. They inevitably end up leaked or stolen by some unscrupulous, unethical person.

If Nikko loved Mimi he would have made her his wife, not his stepping stone to money and fame. This too sets a bad example for impressionable audiences. Do not follow their examples. It will wreck your life and launch you into depression. They aren't happy. Behind the scenes and smiles, the cast is dealing with serious issues and unhappiness.