Tuesday, August 5, 2014

‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Reality Star Joseline Hernandez Is About To Need Police Protection (Photo)

Somebody’s About To Get Shot 

Joseline Hernandez holding Mimi and Stevie J's daughter Eva

A photo was released today revealing “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” reality star, Joseline Hernandez, also known as the Puerto Rican Princess, holding the young daughter of her fiance, Steve J and his ex-girlfriend, her main rival, Mimi Faust. It’s no secret Mimi can’t stand Joseline. They’re going to fight any day now. 

Mimi Faust

Considering Mimi can’t stand Joseline, once she sees the photo, it’s safe to assume she will no longer be known as the Puerto Rican Princess, but the Potatohead Princess after Mimi mashes her face in. What was she thinking holding Mimi’s daughter Eva. Poor little girl looked like she was getting pushed out the way by Joseline’s inflatable breast implants.