Saturday, August 2, 2014

Google Releases Information In Madonna/Kabbalah Center Death Threat Case

Madonna's Kabbalah Center has issued death threats, rape threat and stalked me into gated community I live

This is an update regarding the Aisha v. Google lawsuit I filed in reference to one of Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers, who is a sick pedophile that sent me a death threat using a Google Gmail email account and published a defamatory, vile website called in my name, using Google's Blogspot, lying to the public that it was one of my websites (Google has since taken the site down).

Google released two I.P. addresses of one of Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers, who had sent me a death threat on February 14, 2012. However, the I.P. addresses released are from 2010, not the date in question (February 14, 201). Google did so after stating in writing that I am required to sign a confidentiality agreement to view the information. 

I did not want to sign the confidentiality agreement, but due to the fact Madonna's hacker criminally violated the law in sending me a graphic death threat and published the aforementioned illegal website he lied to the public in stating it was mine, it became imperative that I ascertain the identity of this sick individual.

The I.P. addresses Google released revealed the hacker's Internet Service Providers (ISP) as AT&T and Verizon. I subpoenaed both companies for the information regarding the name and address of the user connected to the I.P. addresses Google released. I attached the paperwork from Google with the subpoenas, stating the lawbreaking user's I.P. addresses. Verizon responded to the subpoena recently stating "No records found" regarding the I.P. address attached to their company, which made Google look like they released false information to the Miami court and me. Someone is trying to cover for Madonna's pedophilic hacker. AT&T has not responded to the subpoena yet.  

As mentioned in the lawsuit, Google also owes me $25,000 in lost wages/ad revenue, due to Madonna's hacker having hacked my Ad Sense account and removed the Judiciary Report, my top website with the highest amount of traffic, as a site authorized to run ads on my account. Therefore, millions of ads were running on the Judiciary Report but due to the hack, Google collected money from advertisers for the ads that ran on the Judiciary Report, but I was not getting credited or paid for them. Google has made over $500,000 off my site and is being quite greedy in using Madonna's hacker's criminal conduct as a means to rip me off. I upheld my end of the contract. Google has not.

Google is stating through one of its lawyers that they want me to file the case in Santa Clara, California, (switching from Miami jurisdiction) as the "terms of service" I signed when I registered for Ad Sense and was approved, states all breach of contract cases must be brought in Santa Clara, California, the territory Google is headquartered. I contend, Google is the one that breached contract, not me, in essence rendering the California clause null and void (in my humble opinion). They expect me to honor terms of a contract they have violated. Either way, I'm going to stick with the case through every level of the court system. 

Another disturbing fact, Google doesn't lose court cases in America (they have lost court cases in Britain and Europe) even those involving people disseminating child porn from Google services and the company moving slowly in removing the illegal, sick content from the internet (and sometimes not at all). That alone warrants a congressional hearing. 

Recently, Google prevailed in a Gmail case somewhat similar to mine, called “The Media Intervenors” by beating a big consortium of media companies, who filed suit against Google, which includes Forbes magazine, National Public Radio, Inc., The New York Times Company and The New Yorker (among others). 

Congress needs to investigate what is transpiring with Google in the U.S. court system, as something very corrupt and disgraceful is going on that is going to turn into a massive scandal. I received a credible tip from someone responsible for many of my exclusives that later proved 100% true and correct, revealing judges are being corrupted by Google. My court case and these other strange cases where Google have questionably prevailed will be included in my forthcoming film "Justice And Truth" (

A Madonna Kabbalah Center Member Aggressively Knocked On My Front Door For 10 Minutes Trying To Get Into My Home

Madonna and the Kabbalah Center's sick conduct towards me has grown worse again. The stalking, witnessed by several people, is out of control once again. A week ago, a Kabbalah Center member stalked me again. Under false pretenses said Kabbalah Center member illegally made his way into the gated community I live and aggressively knocked on the door for 10 minutes, refusing to leave. My life was in danger. When security for the gated community was called, Madonna's Kabbalah Center member fled (important mail and packages addressed to me are also being stolen and in other cases tampered with and defaced by members of the Kabbalah Center, who've stalked me home a number of times).

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Members Stalking And Approaching Me In Miami

Less than a half an hour after the aforementioned incident regarding the Kabbalah Center member knocking on my door for 10 minutes and refusing to leave, another member of Kabbalah stalked me to a public library. Then two hours later, the same Kabbalah member stalked me to Best Buy and Whole Foods.

He kept asking me questions about my private laptop (one of two) that does not connect to the internet, to prevent Madonna's hackers from hacking and copying my newer copyrights (they'd hacked my previous computer and copied and used preexisting Library of Congress copyrights I'd registered that was also present on the unit, as verified by two independent computer companies, who ran diagnostic tests on the computer). He insanely kept demanding to know why the laptop was not going online (they can't hack it). This is the same laptop a member of the Kabbalah Center had tried to snatch out of my bag previously, but failed.

For example, one of the more recent infringements that was stolen from a copyright I did years ago, is the film "Lucy" by Madonna's business partner Luc Besson. However, they've twisted elements of it and made it quite sick.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Member Sent Out Spam Under The Judiciary Report's Name

One of Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers recently sent spam out to people under the Judiciary Report's name and then fraudulently complained in writing to the new hosting company I signed up with, about the Judiciary Report sending spam, doing so as an attempt to get the hosting revoked and the site removed from the internet. The hosting company contacted me about it. The fact of the matter is the Judiciary Report does not send out emails or newsletters and has not done so in the seven years it has been online.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have also been targeting my smart phone and separately my mothers. Madonna's hacker ran up over $4,000 between two mobile companies in what is known as "spoofing" on my mother's account and separately mine (the charges are being reversed by the mobile phone carriers). It's a nasty, illegal tactic hackers are now using to harass innocent people. 

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have also been phone hacking my smart phone and separately my mom's triggering the phones to call each other as a form of harassment. There have been times the phones were on the dining table, not being used or even touched and a hacker from the Kabbalah Center will trigger the phones to call each other. The hacker is also repeatedly trying to destroy the music (MP3) library on  my phone and planting malware to stop it from connecting to my laptop (to retrieve pictures or add new music). Members of the Miami Kabbalah Center are also making harassing crank calls to my phone and separately my mother's.

Other sick behavior Madonna's Kabbalah Center have been engaging in includes approaching me and members of my family at our homes pretending to be law enforcement. It is a serious crime to impersonate a law enforcement officer or agent. Madonna's Kabbalah Center has been doing this in trying to intimidate and harass us and and extract personal and business information about me, which is quite desperate and sick.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Death Threats, Rape Threats

The aforementioned Miami Kabbalah Center members are repeatedly following me around Miami in acts of criminal stalking and approaching me with harassing, unwanted messages disgusting Madonna wishes to communicate that I do not want to hear. They refuse to stop. The messages have ranged from a wide range of items, such as reciting glowing items about Madonna to telling me her twisted views regarding me. The items have also included more death threats, rape threats and threats of robbing me of my copyrights via grabbing my bag carrying the laptop.

Other items include Madonna's Kabbalah Center members behaving like fellow insane alien chasing Hollywood cult Scientology and telling me I am "not human" in a sick bid to justify their abhorrent human rights abuses against me. The Kabbalah Center is operating under the premise that I am "an alien" and they have the right to inflict any type of illegal abuses on me they see fit. It is so offensive and disgusting.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Members Slurring Britons And Africans

Other insanity coming from Kabbalah include coming up to me insulting English and African men, demanding I should not date anyone of British and or African heritage and I must date and marry an Italian (Madonna is Italian). Bear in mind, my patriarchal family line was voluntarily started by a white English man who had immigrated to Jamaica and married a black African woman on the island (my great-great grandparents). The story is in my aunt's award winning book. Yet this sick cult is coming up to me insulting my very DNA. Ironically, Madonna had publicly made nasty, foul statements about Britain when she lived there. It made her look ignorant and full of ill will.

In another incident, a Kabbalah Center member, who approached me several times at disparate public places with sick speech on behalf of Madonna and in the presence of witnesses, was complaining into his mobile phone within earshot, while looking at me walking from a distance, "I don't want to go up to her again. She is going to call the police." He did not know I could hear him, but he was whining and complaining so loudly into the phone, I heard every word.

Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers Hacking And Interfering In Pharmaceutical Drug Patents

As stated previously on the site, I have been working on forthcoming pharmaceutical drug patents. I have authored a number of exclusive science articles for the Judiciary Report that later proved 100% true and correct. A few of them are:


Cancer Is Advancing

Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have been trying to slow down the forthcoming pharmaceutical drug patent work by repeatedly hacking into my second laptop, which has no copyrights on it and connects to the internet, via involuntarily and maliciously shutting the computer down several times a day while I work. I'm working on patents to improve people's health and this is what that sick cult is doing. It is one of the most evil things I have ever seen. They are the sickest people in existence. Madonna's Kabbalah Center hackers have also been targeting the battery of my online laptop from over the internet, in a hacker tactic that constitutes "computer abuse" as the law labels it, in bids at destroying the laptop.


Google asks judge to keep Gmail privacy case docs secret, because only Google is entitled to privacy

On July 29, 2014 - Back in May, Google settled a giant class action suit over its mining of Gmail user data. Now it faces another fight: Major media outlets fighting to convince the judge to keep public the documents generated during the case.

Google’s attorneys argue that there is no reason to make the documents public, given that the court refused to certify the class and the case didn’t proceed. Meanwhile representatives for a ragtag band of media companies — referred to in court docs as “The Media Intervenors,” which is a great name for a band — argue that the public has a right to know details of the case: “Under the First Amendment and the federal common law, the press and the public have a presumptive right of access to court proceedings and documents.”

In a case management conference scheduled for tomorrow, Judge Lucy Koh (who Pando readers will remember as the judge presiding over the Techtopus wage fixing suit) will decided whether to seal the documents. The documents filed by both sides are embedded below. The Media Intervenors, in case you were wondering, comprise…

Allbritton Communications Company
Atlantic Media, Inc.
California Newspaper Publishers Association
Courthouse News Service
Forbes LLC
Gannett Co., Inc.
Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University
The McClatchy Company;
MediaNews Group, Inc., d/b/a Digital First Media
National Press Photographers Association
National Public Radio, Inc.
The New York Times Company
The New Yorker
The Newspaper Guild – CWA
North Jersey Media Group Inc.
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press
Reuters America LLC
The Seattle Times Company
The American Society of Newspaper Editors
Association of Alternative Newsmedia
Digital Media Law Project
First Amendment Coalition
Online News Association
The Society for Professional Journalists
…and, on bass, The Washington Post Company.