Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kendall Jenner Tried To Engage In Underage Drinking Then Threw Money At A Waitress Who Refused To Break The Law In Serving Her Liquor

Kendall Jenner

According to online reports, 18-year-old "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" reality star, Kendall Jenner, refused to pay her restaurant bill at the Mercer Kitchen in New York City, as she was angry the waitress refused to break the law in serving an underage person liquor.

Kardashian reportedly began behaving like a spoiled child and stormed out of the restaurant, not paying her $60 bill. After a staff member reportedly chased her requesting she pay for her food, she rudely threw money at the waitress. It doesn't matter who you are, you don't treat people that way.

Kendall Jenner Reportedly Throws Money In Waitress' Face After Not Paying Bill

August 11 2014 2:01 PM - Kendall Jenner may not be as sweet and innocent as she appears to be on her reality show. News broke on Monday that the 18-year-old reportedly refused to pay her $60 tab at the pricey Mercer Kitchen in New York last week, though with her numerous modeling campaigns, she certainly has the cash.

The reality star’s server was Blaine Morris, who, as it happens, starred on MTV’s short-lived teen drama “Skins” as Betty Nardone. Morris ran outside the restaurant to chase Jenner after "she left and didn’t pay for all the food . . . about $60 worth,” a source told the New York Post's Page Six. She also left without leaving a tip. The young starlet was reportedly unhappy because “the staff wouldn’t serve her [booze] because she’s underage."

When Morris ran after Jenner, who was accompanied by actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter Hailey, the two young celebs laughed. Jenner then “took a couple of $20 bills out of her wallet, threw them at the server and walked away, not even counting if it was enough or if it included a tip.” Morris later tweeted, “That horrible moment you chase a Kardashian down the street because she forgot to pay her bill, to be thrown money in your face.”