Friday, August 22, 2014

James Foley's Murder By Terrorist Group ISIS Offends And Appalls The World

James Foley being executed by Isis member John

Brave journalist, James Foley, was executed in Syria by a member of the terrorist organization ISIS (also known as ISL). For years 40-year-old Foley had covered many stories in the Middle East, traveling to dangerous places in attempting to shed light on what has been transpiring in the region. 

Isis member John

Over the past few weeks, the journalist's parents, Diane and John Foley, were sent death threats, which indicated the terrorist group who abducted James two years ago, intended to kill him shortly. Tragically they did in gruesome fashion, then released a video of the execution to the internet.

John and Diane Foley

Foley's story is reminiscent of brave, innocent 38-year-old journalist, Daniel Pearl, who was murdered by terrorists in the Pakistan in 2002. Foley was an innocent conveying the news through his eyes. The Judiciary Report sends its condolences to Foley's family and friends.