Thursday, August 7, 2014

Indie Rapper Liv Insults Singer Beyonce On Diss Track Stating She Is Not Jay Z's Type Even Though He Married Her

Jay Z and Beyonce

Indie rapper Liv, who has stated for the past year that married rapper Jay Z tried to have sex with her in Miami, has released another song about the subject. However, this time it's a diss track that insults the rapper and his wife, singer, Beyonce, over his wandering eye and refusal to keep his pants zipped.



The track "Sorry Mrs. Carter" is a take off the Outkast song "Sorry Miss Jackson." She seems to imply Beyonce did something to her "since you crossed over into my lane time to check you" which apparently prompted the song (she needs to explain how Beyonce got into her lane as she states or people will think she is picking on the singer).

Jay Z

In the opening of "Sorry Mrs. Carter" Liv informs Beyonce that she (Liv) is his type not her (Beyonce), "Your man he likes model chicks, all naturally flawless model chicks." This was a dig at Beyonce, who has breast implants, a nose job, wigs, hair extensions and false eye lashes. 


Magazines and newspapers have exposed Jay Z's cheating, especially with protégé Rihanna

Liv brings up a good point "If you were broke would they still roll with you." The answer to that is no. Jay Z is not hot. He is mean, cold-blooded, has a terrible personality and did I mention he is not hot. Just wait until Beyonce finally gets her Lasik eye surgery and sees who she married (LOL).