Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lebron James Leaves The Miami Heat And Returns Home To Cleveland Cavaliers

After much speculation, NBA basketball player, Lebron James, has returned home to Cleveland, Ohio, leaving the Miami Heat basketball team. James has resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, after four successful years with the Miami Heat, which yielded two championships. It was a fruitful partnership that made James a legend and brought the Miami Heat's championship tally up to three.


When James left Cleveland, there was an uprising and property damage. Now that he has left Miami, some are upset, but the anger is nowhere near the level it was in Cleveland four-years ago, most likely due to the fact it is not his hometown. 

Such is the nature of sports. Athletes come and go. This is how it has always been. Sports is a business. People and teams will do what's best for them. Here's wishing James and the Miami Heat well.