Tuesday, July 22, 2014

DMX Says He Eats Dog Food

All That Barking He Does On His CDs, He Means It!

Dog friendly New York rapper, DMX, was asked by a TMZ photographer if he had ever eaten dog food and he replied "Yes." The rapper sensationally stated, "I don't feed my dog anything that really I wouldn't eat. I know you love dogs, but have you ever had, like...honestly speaking, the canned stuff smells the best. But as far as vitamins and minerals and nutrients... Iams is pretty good." 


A few years ago, DMZ was arrested at my local Walmart. Police followed him there and arrested him on a probation violation. The rapper had crossed state lines with outstanding violations. Miami Police picked DMX up and extradited him. The rapper has battled drug and alcohol abuse for years, in a habit that has damaged his career and finances.