Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rapper Iggy Azalea Makes Racist Remarks On Twitter Against Black And Hispanic People Offending Many

Iggy Azalea's racists tweets on Twitter

Female rapper Iggy Azalea is under fire online for racist jokes she made on Twitter about blacks and Hispanics. Azalea, who is white let off a barrage of racially insensitive jokes that offended many people online. Azalea also insulted gay women referring to them as "dy*es" and made a joke calling men who whisper to each other "homo." To round off the insults, Azalea made a joke about native American Indians and separately insulted Asians.

Pictures of TI and one of his mistresses/protégés rapper Iggy Azalea

In short, her conduct is unwsie. These were not positive jokes, complimenting other races. These were insults that offended many who state they will no longer support her. Considering minorities gave her career, providing desperately needed assistance, she could be more mindful of her statements and not be racially offensive. It's not a good look.