Monday, June 9, 2014

Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Gets Angry On Instagram As She's Clowned Over Pretentious Comment She Made

Shantel Jackson fronting on Instagram
Floyd Mayweather's ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson, who has fallen out of good graces with the public, for lying to the boxer, telling him he stressed her out and caused a miscarriage of their unborn twins, when she'd aborted his babies because she didn't want to get fat during pregnancy, was given a reality check on Instagram. Jackson boasted in a post that "my security is better than yours" in stating she was protected by a bodyguard in Louisiana during a club appearance. An Instagram user deflated her ego by stating, "LMAO Why does she have a security. She is nobody." Ouch!

While it was not nice calling Jackson "nobody" the Instagram user had a point. Why does she need security. Mayweather is the famous one with accomplishments. Jackson has not done anything of note. She hasn't done anything in her own right. She stands around smiling for Instagram pics all day.

Having sex with a famous person who fooled into thinking you loved them so you can have access to their money and spend as much of it as you could get your greedy hands on, is not an accomplishment. That's prostituting yourself. You didn't love Mayweather and via your greedy, treacherous conduct, you chased away the woman who actually did love him for who he is and not what he has (the mother of three of his kids, Josie Harris).

Floyd "Money" Mayweather
If Jackson had truly loved Mayweather and he gave her these things, at least you could say this person loved and cared about him. It wouldn't be something negative. It would have been two people who love each other in a relationship, with one lavishing gifts on the woman who loves him. But that's not what happened in their case. She didn't love him and brought him all this trauma with the abortion she lied about. After all he'd given her in life, she could have had his babies.

For months I saw photos of Mayweather online and thought he doesn't look himself. His eyes looked sad and his facial expression indicated depression. I didn't think he was worried about the prospect of fighting Maidana. Turns out, the drama with Jackson was playing out in the background. That whole drama messed him up. If he's not careful, it will impact his boxing.

Jackson is now dating rapper Nelly (who by accounts is not being faithful to her). Plus, Nelly can't afford her expensive tastes, though she grew up poor. It always trips me out when women who grew up with nothing develop expensive tastes and demand men they sex in exchange for the high life, pay to keep them like royalty. If you want to live the high life, don't lie to a man just to get his money - get a job and pay your own way.