Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stevie J And Joseline Hernandez Branded Thieves And Frauds Faking Being Rich On Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

I had stopped watching “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” because the show had become so lowbrow and debased. However, someone I know was watching it and I caught a portion of the latest episode. It was revealed music producer Stevie J and former prostitute and stripper, turned aspiring rapper, Joseline Hernandez, are not married, having faked it to get a small magazine cover on Hip Hop Weekly.

The couple's former personal assistant, Dawn, aired their dirty laundry after Joseline became arrogant with her and fired the long suffering woman, without actually informing her of what she had done. Dawn stated Joseline’s alleged wedding ring is from an ex-boyfriend, not Stevie J. However, the item that floored me was when Dawn told Stevie J he hasn’t had a hit since Reagan was in office. My mind was blown at the levels of that insult (LOL). Now that was a diss.  

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez

Joseline, who opted for even more plastic surgery this season, had her unnatural looking, inflated butt and breasts on display, contrasted by her manly features (I‘m still not convinced Joseline’s a woman, especially with all the reports online claiming she is a transgender). All I can say is stay away from pins Joseline, lest you deflate. You overdid it with the implants and silicone. It’s too obvious (much like with Kim Kardashian). 

Stevie J at one time was a millionaire from producing music, but his lavish spending over the years, in regard to houses, cars, jewelry and baby mamas, has depleted his funds. There is an unverified report online that Stevie J, real name, Steven Jordan, was arrested in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend for the large scale distribution of marijuana. There is also another report claiming he stole all the furniture he used to furnish his new home. 


Stevie needs to get on the right side of the law before he ends up locked away for a long time. He needs to rely on his talent to earn a living and support himself. Stop knocking up these women, as you can’t afford the child support payments and are not able to mentally, emotionally and spiritually be there for all your children and their five mothers.

Joseline is too money hungry and materialistic. She is clearly using Stevie J for his money, music industry connections and musical ability, to re-launch her career, after a failed start last year. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be successful, but beware of the intentions of a woman or man not in the financial sector, who talks about money all the time. 

Left to right: Kirk, waitress Jasmine and Rasheeda

Another couple on the show worthy of pause is Rasheeda and her unfaithful, cocky husband, Kirk. Rasheeda is a beautiful woman with her own home and money. I don’t understand why she married a cheater, who has an ego the size of Joseline’s inflated butt implants. I dislike stating it, but Rasheeda is too good for Kirk, as his behavior is awful. She had his baby, even while he was cheating, then caused fetal distress with argumentative, distressing verbal confrontations and other bad conduct. Rasheeda even tried to work while pregnant to support their family. She’s given birth to their baby, cutie Carter and is now getting back in shape and looking fabulous. 

And what does Kirk do, brings home a waitress he was flirting with in a bar, who is unqualified to be a nanny, then has her holding his baby Rasheeda just gave birth to a few months ago. Rasheeda comes home to see a stranger holding her baby and is told by her philandering husband that she is the new nanny. Rasheeda asked her to leave and as Kirk showed her out, he motioned that he would call the waitress later (to cheat on his wife). God doesn't like ugly, Kirk. You need to stop. 

Side Bar: Kirk needs Solange to straighten him out. A few karate kicks and straight up punches will sort that dude right out (kidding).