Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Schizophrenic Son Of Hunger Games Director Commits Mass Murder In California Over Hatred Of Women

Elliot Rodger

Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old son of “Hunger Games” assistant director, Peter Rodger, committed mass murder in Santa Barbara, California, killing six people. Police are uncertain if Rodger's gunfight with officers resulted in him being fatally shot in the head or if the deadly gunshot wound was self-inflicted. Prior to his death, Rodger posted disturbing videos on You Tube arrogantly complaining in an entitled manner that pretty blonde girls at UCSB in Santa Barbara, kept rejecting him though he is gorgeous, rich and a good dresser (in his estimation). 

He was also creepy, arrogant and weird. The self-proclaimed virgin is the son of a rich Hollywood director, who bought him a BMW and designer clothes, all things that attract women in the industry. Being associated with the "Hunger Games" film franchise also means female groupies. Rodger is also not religious and saving himself for marriage. There are nerdy looking men in Hollywood, who looked way less presentable than Rodger, who are the sons of directors and producers and have beautiful women on their arms as a result. The real problem with Rodger is he was an entitled Hollywood brat believing blonde women should be worshipping at his feet. He also bears the signs of someone with serious sexual hang-ups and schizophrenia.


Roger’s dad primarily worked for Lionsgate, a company heavily associated with the Kabbalah cult, whose members have snapped and murdered people in two countries. Other members of Kabbalah have committed acts of violence against members of the public. Kabbalah front woman Madonna and her partner, Guy Oseary, also in the religious cult, have extensive financial and social ties to Lionsgate, which in itself operates like a cult, more than a business.