Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Jennifer Lopez's Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her With A Man Who Had Sex Change Operation (Photo)

Casper Smart (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right). Smart's probably looking at the back-up dancer to the front and not her.

Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, 44, and her run of problems with men continues. Lopez, who has been married three times, has been dating back-up dancer, Casper Smart, 24. Previously, Smart was seen entering a gay movie theatre in New York. Photos of him surface wearing a tutu and sporting effeminate poses with another gay back-up dancer.

Transgender man Sofie who's clearly trying to look like Lopez

This week, the dreadful website The Dirty, published private internet messages between Smart and a man who had a sex change operation to become a woman. The blog post alleges Smart and the man, who had the sex change, had sexual relations. The messages are explicit and do seem to indicate something is going on between the two, which disrespects his relationship with Lopez, who has been taking care of him financially.

Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emme

Casper is behaving as though he and Lopez have an open relationship, which is sexually reckless and promotes sexually transmitted diseases. Lopez needs to find a single, straight man, because what she's doing is an exercise in futility and allowing her children to become emotionally attached to a man who is and further will break her heart. He is having sex with men and women and clearly concealing it, as the aforementioned messages as well as photos were all kept private.  


EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez’s Beau Casper Smart Is Having Sex With My Transexual Friend Sofie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sooo my homegirl has been talking and linking up with Casper Smart for a week now… they met online and I guess they Both follow each other…. she texted me saying they exchanged pictures XXX’s… and what not… I’m liked shocked… didn’t know he was down for Us beautiful Transexual WOMEN. I myself didn’t believe it…. I’m like Casper Smart? JLo’s MAN!!!!!!! Guess he likes beautiful women and the best of both worlds… crazy what a simple hello and simple talking and flirting can end up to…. My girl said she seen him a few times and he picked her up in his big truck…. I didn’t believe it so I asked for screen-shot and here they are. I guess my friend Sofie is f******g Casper Smart.. I’m asking for more screenshots she has them ALL.