Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rihanna's 15 Minutes Of Fame Running Out As People Ignore Her In Public


This week troubled singer Rihanna was spotted walking through the Grove shopping complex in Los Angeles and the public ignored her. The attention seeking star had a perplex and concerned look on her face regarding the blasé reaction she received. Deluded Rihanna believes her own hype and has done very seedy things to get a career in the industry, not realizing how it all truly works. It's all been bought and paid for by her label and management. The majority of it is not real.

As it stands the public is tired of Rihanna's social networking fights, antics and publicity stunts, with no talent to back it up, as she can't sing, only strips. Her sales have been steadily declining for several years and her label has had to put more and more cash into buying advertising, paying select bloggers to write flattering articles about her everyday, buying her followers in bulk on  social networking, paying hackers to inflate her You Tube video counts and using connections to get her on more television shows. They are not making a good return on their investment.