Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Slams Shantel Jackson For Aborting His Twin Babies Over Not Wanting To Lose Her Body With Pregnancy

Floyd Mayweather

The world's richest athlete, Floyd Mayweather, slammed his ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson, for aborting his twin babies, because she didn't want to lose her figure during pregnancy. Before Shantel became pregnant with twins and lied to Mayweather that she had a miscarriage, when she'd actually had an abortion performed, Mayweather spent a small fortune on plastic surgery for Jackson. Mayweather paid for Jackson to have a nose job, chin reduction, cheek implants, breast implants, butt implants and silicone injections, facial fillers, botox, collagen injections and cosmetic dentistry.

Mayweather stated he would have paid for Jackson to undergo more plastic surgery after the birth of their unborn twins, but she aborted the babies, not wanting to put on any weight by being pregnant. Jackson put her looks ahead of the twins she aborted, which is sad on so many levels.

Mayweather posted a photo of Jackson (left) prior to having breast implants, a nose job and silicone injections, among other things, comparing her to Jim Carrey's character on the 1990s Fox sitcom "In Living Color" 

Maywearther stated regarding Jackson lying to him and having an abortion, "It hurt my feelings, all because she’s selfish because all she’s worried about is looks, talking about ‘I don’t want to mess my body up.’ Everything you got on your body, I paid for so it’s okay. Even if you had the baby — even if you had the babies, if you wanted me to put you back together like I did in the beginning, I could’ve done it again."

He further stated, "I'm all like, Everything you got on you is fake. You know you got a fake butt, you’ve got fake ti**ies, you got work done on your face. That’s how you know my love was genuine because I accepted you from the heart: no breasts, no butt, no face work. I accepted you because it was real love. Pure love.”


Photos to the left show Jackson before a nose job and chin reduction and cheek implants. Photos to the right show her after plastic surgery Mayweather paid for.
Even if Jackson did not want to raise the twins, she could have asked Mayweather's mother to do so and she would have been happy to or Floyd could have hired a nanny had he known the truth. Jackson lied that she had a miscarriage, when she had actually aborted his babies because she simply didn't want to have them and cared more about her looks. That's an ungrateful and cold thing to do to a man, who gave you more than any person in your life. Jackson's dream of becoming the next Oscar winner, when she can't act, didn't help matters. Her priorities in life are all wrong.

Initially, Jackson claimed she left Mayweather a year ago, but the Judiciary Report disputed the story two weeks ago (Shantel Jackson Claims She Left Floyd Mayweather A Year Ago But Items Online Reveal Otherwise). Last week Mayweather revealed Jackson aborted his babies in December (the holiday season of all times). That's a cruel blow to a man. It's clearly haunting him, which is an understandable reaction. Jackson didn't leave Mayweather. He dumped her. She wasn't about to walk away from his estimated $400,000,000 fortune unless she had no choice.