Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prosecutors Are Making An Example Of Chris Brown In Washington Assault Case

Chris Brown

There have been many cases of members of the public getting into confrontations with the bodyguards of stars. In the cases where there are allegations of illegal physical contact, the bodyguard is usually arrested and ordered in for questioning. However, in the case of Chris Brown, a local man in Washington, DC, Parker Adams, stated the singer did not hit him, but he sustained a broken nose, after photobombing the star. Brown’s bodyguard Chris Hollosy has admitted he punched Adams, who was trying to illegally board the singer’s bus in what is trespassing. 

With the absence of any videotape evidence to illustrate what transpired, the case is based on word of mouth. Irrespective of this fact, Brown was shackled and extradited like Hannibal Lecter, via a four-day flight on Con Air and is being placed on trial, when stars in similar situations were not even arrested. The law must be evenly applied and judging by the facts of this case regarding evidence and statements that have been released, something is amiss.