Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mimi Faust And Nikko Sextape Is A Publicity Stunt For The New Season Of 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'

Stevie J, Mimi Faust and daughter Jasmine

“Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” reality stars Mimi Faust and her boyfriend, aspiring rapper Nikko, made a sextape, which has been leaked against their will, according to website TMZ they want publicity for their reality show. The tape somehow landed in the hands of a porn company Mimi And Nikko sent it directly to them

Nikko and Mimi Faust

The tape is said to be very graphic and has sparked much criticism on Twitter and message board forums. It is regrettable that Mimi and Nikko took this route. They sold themselves out and are being mocked and laughed at online for it. Faust also has a little daughter, who is going to be very embarrassed by the tape.