Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Justin Bieber Gets Angry And Makes Funny Mistakes During Deposition (Video)


Justin Bieber was sued in Miami by a paparazzo over an alleged assault incident. The 20-year-old pop star was subpoenaed back to Florida, from neighboring Georgia, where he has been recording new music. The deposition took place in downtown Miami and judging by the videotape, didn’t go well for Bieber. 


Regarding the released footage, nothing seems useable against him in the case. However, the video clips have caused Bieber a lot of embarrassment and bad publicity, with news outlets, blogs and internet audiences, who are heavily criticizing his statements. TMZ led the pack in insulting Bieber over the deposition. 

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When Bieber was asked about on and off again girlfriend Selena Gomez he repeatedly responded in anger informing the opposing attorney not to ask him about her again. Bieber also downplayed Usher’s role in his career, stating he was discovered by YouTube and not the singer, who signed him to a subsidiary label deal. 

The funniest moment in the deposition occurred when Bieber said he (Bieber) was “detrimental to my career” instead of saying he was “instrumental to my career. It was the weed talking. By the way, one must be sober and not under the influence of any pharmaceutical drugs which could impair one rending faulty answers that can be challenged in court.