Friday, March 21, 2014

Hollywood Actress Countess Vaughn's Wig Nightmare A Lesson To Women (Video)

Hollywood actress Countess Vaughn starred in the hit BET sitcom "The Parkers" with Academy Award winning actress, Monique. She's known for her comedic skills and singing voice. Vaughn, like other entertainers such as Beyonce and Ciara, began wearing what is known as lacefront wigs. The wigs are applied using a harsh hair glue.

Vaughn had a terrible allergic reaction to the glue and began losing her hair and experiencing skin peeling (around her entire hairline and eyes). Pus also began oozing from her hairline and ears. She now has permanent damage. Vaughn spoke about her ordeal on the doctors. Hair extensions are a better choice. It does far less damage to the scalp and allows it air, way more than a lacefront wig. Some lacefront wigs are simply too much and over the top. Hair extensions look more believable on women.