Thursday, March 27, 2014

Evelyn Lozada Slams Wendy Williams For Calling Her Baby A Cash Register (Video)

Somebody Call The Police Evelyn Lozada Just Dragged Wendy Williams On Twitter 

Evelyn Lozada

“Basketball Wives” beauty Evelyn Lozada is furious with voluptuous talk show host Wendy Williams, who went on the air and referred to her newborn baby with wealthy baseball star Carl Crawford as “a cash register.” Ouch! Well, Evelyn, you didn’t exactly pick a non-rich dude. Your last five dudes have been millionaires. I’m just saying. 

Wendy Williams

Lozada became so upset she slammed Williams on Twitter, over her husband’s affairs. A few years ago, Williams’ chronically unfaithful husband had the embarrassment of a sextape being released online without his permission featuring him having sex with a younger woman. Lozada threw his infidelity in Williams face revealing he would come to her Dulce shoe store in Miami and buy shoes for other women. You know when you read something and end up speechless and all you can do is gasp. Ok, I had one of those moments when I read Lozada’s diss. Over to you Wendy. 

Wendy Williams insults Evelyn Lozada at mark 5:55 in the video. For a direct link to that point in the video you can also click here:

Side Bar: you know who should have a charity boxing match, Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes. They're both tall with a good reach. Who are we kidding, NeNe would drop bouncing Wendy in a minute (Wendy, why do you bounce like a valley girl when you run).