Thursday, February 13, 2014

Rihanna’s Net Worth Is Not What She Bragged About During Twitter Fight With Teyana Taylor


During the 2013 Twitter fight with singer Teyana Taylor, Rihanna arrogantly bragged that her net worth is $95,000,000, claiming the former is broke. Rihanna also previously stated with scorn “I hate broke bi****s.” However, it has been revealed today that in 2009, Rihanna was broke. What a hypocrite. TMZ also stated Rihanna’s net worth is $44,000,000 (not $95,000,000). And knowing the industry, which is mostly smoke and mirror, Rihanna doesn’t even have $44,000,000. 

Rihanna’s ongoing lawsuit with her former accounts Berdon LLP reveals she went broke due to overspending and poor financial management. She bought a poorly constructed, defective house she could not afford with ill-gotten gains she ended up losing, when she had to sell the house at a $2,500,000 loss. That was her choice. She saw the house and wanted it. No one forced her to buy it.

However, Rihanna blames the firm for her woes in losing millions on the house, as well as many more in touring. However, considering Rihanna’s income is criminally derived from copyright infringement, a federal and international crime, it was just that she lose that which she stole from others. It's just a matter of time before it all catches up with her. As the phrase goes, "God doesn't like ugly."