Thursday, February 6, 2014

Homeland Security Searching For Malware From Belarus Illegally Infecting The ObamaCare Website (Confirming This Site’s Previous Claims That The Health Care Site Has Been Hacked)

Obama: you hacked my stuff?!

In the article November 18, 2013 article Congress Gives Americans A One Year Extension To Keep Health Insurance After Being Dropped Because Of Obamacare the Judiciary Report stated the ObamaCare website bears signs of hacking. The next day computer security experts testified in Congress that they believe the site was hacked, confirming the Judiciary Report’s claims (Experts State Obamacare Website Hacked Just As This Site Previously Stated).

This week it was announced in the Washington Free Beacon , the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is searching Belarus regarding malware illegal implanted on the ObamaCare website via hacking, causing it to malfunction, while unlawfully obtaining the personal information of registrants  ( 

Obamacare website

It’s sad that anyone would tamper with any website, illegally trying to deface, damage or destroy it. However, it is particularly bad when someone does this to a website relating to health care. That’s people’s health and lives. There’s nothing admirable about targeting any site that has to do with the public’s health.