Monday, February 24, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Disses Former Fiancée Shantel Jackson


Delicia Cordon (left) and Floyd Mayweather

Boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather, is again on the outs with Shantel Jackson, his former fiancée from Miami, who he has dropped. Mayweather has even been spotted out dating someone else recently, another woman from Miami, Delicia Cordon. This prompted Jackson to slam him on Twitter, labeling his date a "seat filler" in a now escalating war of words between the two.

Shantel Jackson rocking Janet Jackson's look from the 1980s "Control" CD...THIS YEAR!

Mayweather is firing back, after reading Jackson's insults. He posted a profound item on Instagram, then re-posted it to Twitter. It was titled "It's not all about looks." The item stated he is looking for someone who is beautiful on the outside and the inside. He stated, "Beauty may catch one's attention but a beautiful inside will sustain it. You can't edit and photoshop one's heart and spirit." He's right.

Floyd Mayweather's tweet

When you read it you realize Mayweather is growing up and has realized something some people, both men and women, don't learn in their lifetime regarding the opposite sex. Being with someone you find gorgeous is great, but if their heart and soul is not right, the relationship will not be either. Like the 1966 song by the Temptations says, "Beauty's only skin deep."