Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meeting Muhammad Ali

Meeting championship boxer Muhammad Ali has been a special moment for many. Recently, an Irish plumber, Tony Kelly,  who moved to Muhammad Ali's hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, got to meet the champ. Kelly was repairing pipes across the street from Ali's home and decided to ring the front doorbell to say hello.

Tony Kelly and Muhammad Ali

Ali's wife Lonnie answered the door and Kelly asked if he, the champ's greatest fan from Ireland, could meet the legend. She obliged and Kelly got to take pics with the champ and wished him a happy birthday. It's not everyday you read a story like that.

Muhammad Ali's house in Kentucky

A funny story for you. Years before I was born, my parents met Muhammad Ali when he visited Jamaica in the very early 1970s. The Prime Minister of Jamaica at the time, my dad's friend, the late great Michael Manley,  invited Ali to the official residence of the head of state. A reception was held at the Prime Minister's residence, Jamaica House, in Ali's honor and my parents were among the guests.

When you read this story, bear in mind Muhammad Ali is my dad's favorite boxer, always has been and continues to be. During the event, Ali saw my mom, a pretty beauty queen and started chatting her up right in front of my dad (LOL). Ali smiled at my mom and said "hey pretty lady" and then proceeded to ask if she thinks my dad would fight him for her.

In short, Ali was trying to nail my mama (oh no he didn't). Now, you'd think she'd say something like, "Oh no Mr. Ali, my boyfriend standing next to me is the love of my life" (and he is). Well, she didn't! My mama stood there smiling and grinning up with Ali (oh no she didn't).

My dad is a tall, strong, well toned athlete,who played professional football (soccer) basically, yea, Ali would have kicked my dad's butt. So my dad smiled and agreed with whatever Ali said (haha I don't blame you daddy, cause I wouldn't get knocked out for anyone either).

My dad took it as a compliment that his favorite boxer said his girlfriend is "pretty" enough to fight for (but he would have kicked your butt though, daddy. I'm just saying haha!). To this day when people talk about Ali my mom gets this smile on her face...and I look at her with side eye. I can't believe she did that to my daddy! Just shameless (LOL).


Muhammad Ali: Plumber knocks on boxing great's door, wishes him happy birthday 
January 23, 2014 - Meeting a legend in the sports world is something that many people don't get to do in their lifetime. Having a boxing legend open the door when you knock on it and being able to wish him a "happy birthday" is unheard of. Yahoo Sports reported on Jan. 22, 2014, that's exactly what a plumber got to do when he met Muhammad Ali...

Kelly went over, knocked on the door, and it was answered by Muhammad Ali's wife, Lonnie. “We were working last Friday and some of my workmates said that Muhammad Ali in the house across the street. I thought it was a wind-up so I decided to call their bluff. “I knocked on the door and Ali's wife Yolanda answered and I just asked would it be possible for one of his greatest fans from Ireland to meet him. “She said 'Of course' and invited me in and there he was (Ali) sitting in the living room. Upon going in, Kelly visited briefly with Ali, got a picture with the champ, and wished him a "happy birthday."...