Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Apollo Nida's Arrest For $3,000,000 Identity Theft Scheme Could Send Him Back To Prison And Bankrupt His Family

Government Eyeing Freezing And Seizing Assets

Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks

Reality TV just got real on the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta." Apollo Nida, the ex-convict husband of lawyer Phaedra Parks, is under criminal indictment on massive identity theft charges. The U.S. Secret Service, charged with protecting the President of the United States, also addresses select crimes dealing with mail and wire fraud. The Secret Service brought Nida up on charges alleging he stole $3,000,000 via creating fake companies to committ identity theft and open many bank accounts to house the stolen funds. 

Previously, Nida spent 5-years in jail for changing the VIN numbers on cars to sell stolen automobiles. His wife was implicated in the scandal in a tell-all book. However, she faced no charges and represented Nida in the case. Once Nida was released from prison, the two got married and started their own family. The coupe have two young sons. With family comes responsibility. However, with the way things are going, Parks will have to raise her sons without Nida. 

Prior to the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" Parks was most known for being singer Bobby Brown's attorney during his troubling bouts with drugs and alcohol and during his divorce from the late legendary singer, Whitney Houston. 

Parks took a chance on Nida, where some probably warned her about his past and the time he did in prison. However, everyone deserves a second chance. Many come out of prison and do no re-offend. There are many who were arrested for crimes who have been living honest, successful lives. They deserve to be commended for turning their lives around. But Nida didn't do that. He went right back to crime. 

Apollo fighting on last week's episode of the "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" as his wife tries to stop him

Nida had a new life with Parks, who helped him with his legal troubles. He even started a career as a personal trainer. There's nothing wrong with a woman helping her man get through a rough time and trying to build him up into a successful, respectable member of society. However, problems occur when people refuse to leave their old life of crime behind, attempting to get quick money and unethically climb the ladder of success overnight. 

It's regrettable Nida didn't learn from his past mistakes that landed him in prison. To come out of prison, meet and marry a successful lawyer, move into her lovely home, have two kids with her and a new career, was a blessing and one Nida took for granted. 

He preferred the fast life of illegally gained money, spending thousands on strippers at the strip club, cheating on his wife and taking her for granted. Now he's facing up to 20-years in prison. If convicted he is going to miss his children growing up, which is something you can't put a price tag on. Rather than satisfying with the wife he has, he cheated on her and is now potentially facing years without the company of a woman in a men's prison (and as pretty as he is, if he is sent back to prison, gay men are going to target him behind bars). 

Be thankful for what you have in life. Treasure your freedom. It's better to live within your means and work hard to properly and ethically progress in society, than to end up in prison for years over a fast rise up the ladder of success that came from criminal activity.