Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Justin Bieber Accused Of Smoking $7,000 Per Week In Weed But There's More To The Story


Justin Bieber cried in court last week during his arrest for DUI, drag racing and driving under the influence in Miami

A report stated troubled singer Justin Bieber, 19, smokes $7,000 worth of marijuana per week. However, Bieber has been buying weed, sizzurp and alcohol, among other things, for his entourage, who are leeches living off him. They travel first class in private jets, eat the finest foods and stay in plush accommodations on Bieber's dime.

The cocaine found in Justin's house explains this photo of Lil Za, Justin Bieber and Lil Twist in his bed

Bieber's crew depend on him for everything from food to shelter to illegal narcotics that he foots the bill for to keep them lauding him up. However, the whole thing is bringing Bieber down. The deeper Bieber goes into the dark world of addiction with no rehab, is the more public slips he has been having that is causing his fans concern about his life and health.