Thursday, December 19, 2013

Phil Robertson Fired From Duck Dynasty Over Gay Comment Prompting Christians To Call For A Boycott Of The A&E Network

Phil Robertson

A&E's "Duck Dynasty" is the most successful reality show in history. It chronicles the lives of the Robertson family in Louisiana, who are Christians that became millionaires from their successful duck call business. The family's patriarch, Phil Robertson, did an interview with GQ magazine this month, where he was asked about homosexuality. Robertson stated, "It seems like, to me, a vagina -- as a man -- would be more desirable than a man's anus."

Now, according to the Constitution of the United States, Robertson is a human being, who has a right to express what he thinks and feels. Robertson, just like every American and person living in the western world is entitled to free speech. However, Hollywood disagrees.

Duck Dynasty

Hollywood's infamous "gay mafia" as they are called online, became indignant and put pressure on A&E to fire Phil. Robertson has been placed on "indefinite hiatus." The "gay mafia" in Hollywood has hated "Duck Dynasty" from day one anyway, as it is about a Christian family and Hollywood has a virulent hatred of Christians. I've seen Hollywood's unprovoked hatred of Christians up close and it is ugly and disgraceful. Hollywood routinely goes out of its way to viciously attack Christians.   

For Hollywood to bully and attack a 70-year-old man over a simple statement regarding his views that millions of Americans share, is unconstitutional and intolerant. It is bullying. Plain and simple. America is over 70% Christian. Millions of Muslims live in America as well. Both religions do not promote homosexuality, advising adherents against engaging in the alternative lifestyle.

Cast of Duck Dynasty using duck calls to attract ducks

Under the Constitution people have a right to practice their religion and retain their views. For Hollywood to tell people otherwise is to try to force people regarding what to think and feel. As much as Hollywood claims it is liberal, it is very intolerant of everyone that does not agree with its views and repeatedly tries to destroy the lives of those who disagree with them.

Christians on social networking are angry over Robertson's dismissal and are calling for a boycott. If Phil is not reinstated on "Duck Dynasty" Christians need to stop watching A&E altogether and stop going to see Hollywood films. They don't need our collective billion$ if they are going to abuse one of our own, especially an elderly man, for simply stating he doesn't understand why some men prefer penis over vagina.

I'm a straight woman and you know what, I have that right as a human being. I've never been attracted to a woman and you know what, that's my right as well. Just like it's Phil's right to be attracted to the opposite sex and state he prefers the opposite sex. Hollywood is out of control in overriding the right to free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. People are entitled to their opinions.