Friday, December 13, 2013

Mama Joyce About To Destroy Daughter Kandi's Sex Life If She Marries Todd On 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' (Video)

Mama Joyce, the overprotective mother of "Real Housewives Of Atlanta" star Kandi, wants to move into her daughter's Buckhead mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, when her offspring gets married. Mama Joyce famously opposed Kandi's pending nuptials to Todd, whom she brands an opportunist and gold digger (and she could be right).

However, Mama Joyce wants to move into her home as well. Kandi will have no sex life with her future husband once that happens. Her mother has meddled in her life in so many ways, it's only a matter of time before that's next. Kandi's marriage would not hold up to Mama Joyce living in the house with them.