Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dwyane Wade's Wife Attempts To Void Their Divorce In Desperate Attempt To Get Him Back

Dwyane Wade: she did what?!

Dwyane Wade's ex-wife, Siohvaughn Wade's semi-court victory, regarding a judge declining to have her mentally evaluated, has emboldened her to fire her 13th lawyer and move to have her divorce to the Miami Heat basketball star voided. It testifies to Siohvaughn's deteriorated mental state, which the site warned of regarding the judge declining to have her mentally evaluated. 

Siohvaughn Wade pretending to be homeless on a sidewalk in Chicago, Illinois, blaming it on Dwyane, who was giving her alimony payments the whole time. 

The current legal maneuver is one-sided, as Dwyane has expressed no intention of reuniting with Siohvaughn. The divorce was done, signed and settlement issued. To attempt to put those wheels in reverse, is a desperate ploy to get her husband back and it will be interpreted as antagonistic. 

This is what Siohvaughn is left with but she wants the real Dwyane Wade back

These legal maneuvers are not endearing Siohvaughn to Dwyane, who is exasperated, as it is causing him emotional distress and stress. It's understandable that she wants him back, but the divorce was already made final. It's time for Siohvaughn to let Dwyane go and move on with her life. He has moved on and so should she.