Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dwyane Wade Proposes To Girlfriend Gabrielle Union Despite Ex-Wife's Attempts To Void Their Divorce

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union

Miami Heat basketball star, Dwyane Wade, has proposed to girlfriend, actress, Gabrielle Union. Three-time home wrecker, Union, proudly displayed her engagement ring online proclaiming she accepted Wade's proposal. Union has been hinting on television and the internet at wanting a proposal from Wade. She was putting it out there in a big way. Now after years of hinting, Wade has asked her to marry him and they are planning a summer 2014 wedding.

Union's engagement ring

Wade's ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches Wade, has desperately fought to get him back. Recently, she filed legal paper work to void their divorce - this was after firing her 13th lawyer. When Union broke up Wade's marriage to Funches, his ex-wife, the mother of his two children, had a mental breakdown. Union kept taunting Funches online and engaging in stunts provoking Siohvaughn.

Siohvaughn Wade protesting against ex-husband Dwyane Wade

It should go without saying, Funches is not taking the news of their engagement well, as she still loves Wade, her high school sweetheart. However, as the Judiciary Report stated 3-weeks ago in reaction to Siohvaughn trying to void their divorce, she needs to move on as Dwyane clearly did, which is now made crystal clear by his subsequent proposal to Union (Dwyane Wade's Wife Attempts To Void Their Divorce In Desperate Attempt To Get Him Back). The Judiciary Report is a fan of Wade and wishes him the best. The site also wishes Funches well and hopes she makes a great new life for herself.