Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty Merchandise Sells Out At Walmart And A&E Ramps Up Reality Show Marathons With Phil Robertson

"Duck Dynasty"
Mainstream reports indicate, GLAAD and Hollywood based attack on "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson and his right to free speech, has angered millions in America, who are not amused his constitutional rights are being violated via "suspension" from the A&E top rated reality show. Robertson, a Christian, was suspended for saying he doesn't understand why a man would choose an anus over a vagina. Millions of Christians and non-Christians share his views.

GLAAD and Hollywood assumed and announced Walmart would see trouble, due to their exclusive line of "Duck Dynasty" gear, but the opposite has happened. Walmart has sold out of "Duck Dynasty" merchandise, due to people buying up the items in support of Robertson. Americans are sending Hollywood a clear message about the Constitution and they need to listen up before they start hemorrhaging money in the entertainment industry.

I'm straight, but I love gay people (er, not sexually, just platonically). I am never mean to a person for being gay. But at the end of the day, everyone has the right to practice their religion, believe what they believe and express what they feel, without interference from the state or Hollywood. The Constitution guarantees it as does United Nations laws.   

Phil Robertson

There are gay channels out there that I don't watch, because that's not my thing (I like shows like "Duck Dynasty"). However, I'm not trying to get gay people fired from their jobs or destroy their lives for expressing their opinions. I'm an adult with enough maturity to understand that we all don't share the same views in this world. At times we will have to agree to disagree. However, no one has the right to destroy someone's livelihood and well-being over a difference of opinion. I will never support that.

Say what you want to about Robertson, but the man is an American success story. He did a significant amount of hard work chopping down trees and making duck calls in his backyard, growing what was a small home based business built on grueling labor, into a multi-million dollar success. That deserves credit. He's admitted having his ups and downs with the bottle and in his marriage when he was younger, because none of us are perfect, but he worked hard to turn the negatives into positives. 

Let no one hold your past against you when you have changed for the better. We're all a work in progress and need to strive for improvement each day. There's always something we can improve about ourselves.